Tiling your entire bathroom is a very good option if you want to decorate it. There is no doubt, that tiles are very stylish, easy to maintain, and durable. Bathroom tiles in Brisbane come in all shapes and sizes. Over the recent years, people only considered tiling their kitchens and bathrooms normal. But, these days, every person is interested in tiling every room in their homes just because it looks fancy. There is a lot that tiles can offer, and with all that, it is very difficult to choose the right tile which will suit your home. Every tile is not the same, there are many different materials from which tiles can be made.  

Following are the most famous kinds of tiles available and what they offer. 

  1. Porcelain 
    It is a little daunting to explain the offerings and benefits of this type of tile. The major purpose of this tile, is that it is water resistant. They are completely water proof and are suitable for those rooms or areas where water is mostly hit. Porcelain is made with many layers of fine clay and they are fired with high temperatures, that’s why they are dense and hard. Porcelain tiles are proven to be best in commercial areas.  
  2. Mosaics 
    Mosaics were first introduced by the Ancient Romans and Greeks. These type of tiles are even more popular today and there are many coverings available that match their complicated look. Mosaics are covered with small pieces of tiles that are arranged on a sheet. When they are filled and laid, an impression of thousands of little tiles appears. There are many materials from which mosaics can be created such as marble, ceramic, glass, stone, pebbles, and porcelain. They also come in many variety of shapes. With the help of mosaics, you can add much detail to your rooms. Mosaics tiles create a fancy and royal look to your homes. These tiles are very small, and that is why they have many slots which are filled. For extra grips, mosaics are a really good idea. Mosaics can be used in wet shower rooms and patios.  
  3. Ceramic 
    The first kind of tile that comes to mind when thinking about tiles, is ceramics. These tiles are found everywhere. From middle class to fancy, these tiles are used all around us. Every time you go to a tile shops in Brisbane and ask what type of tile should suit best for my home, you’ll the answer “Ceramic”. Ceramic tiles started being manufactured thousands of years ago. The process has been the same from the very beginning. A white or red clay biscuit is within them, which involves a decorative coating on the surface and baked in an oven at high temperature.  

These tiles are very durable and clean. Ceramic tiles are a great option for bathrooms and splash backs walls where there is a huge chance of soap, sauces, and shampoos to be splashed. They are smaller in size compared to other types of tiles.  tiles-services