If you’re just beginning your college life let me give you a piece of advice, packing for college is hard. Therefore, you should not leave it to the last minute. However, we understand that this process may be complicated. Thus in this article we would consider the manner in which an individual should pack depending on the location of their college.

Local College

The biggest advantage of going to a local college is having the opportunity to come home every weekend to do you laundry or to eat a home cooked meal. Thus, as it is possible for you to come home every weekend you can afford to pack light. Hence, there is no need for you to pack your entire wardrobe. If your first semester is starting in fall there is no need for you to pack heavy winter gear as you can collect them from home with the change of the season. Furthermore, if you coordinate with your parents you may be able to transport all the necessary items in one trip. However, one should also be aware that it may be less stressful for both you and your parents to hire removalists Chatswood to move big items such as furniture or even a bed if you’re planning on living in an unfurnitured apartment or flat.

Out of State College

One of the biggest challenges when packing for an out of state college is determining how much you should pack. If you are planning a trip back home during the first semester break you can limit the amount of clothes you may need to that one semester. However, if you have no such plans to return home for a while then a good rule of thumb is to determine what you will need for the next six to eight months, but one should be aware that this would also depend on the seasons. Thus, determine the essential pieces of clothing you may require and pack accordingly. But one has to realize that they cannot pack every item of clothing that they own. Furthermore, with the amount of furniture and other household items that you may require you can always opt to hire an best removalists Melbourne to Brisbane company. However, one should also realize that they may be items that are not needed for immediate use, thus you can plan to have these items shipped at a later date. Furthermore, you can plan to buy some essential items at your new location, especially items that could be found easily.

However, irrespective of whether you are planning on going to a local college or an out of state college, prior to packing you need to create an inventory to determine which items you’re planning on taking with you. Because despite your desire to pack your childhood relics to take with you to college you need to realize that you will only have a limited amount of space, thus you will need to pack smart.

We understand that going to college is a big transition but with these tips you may be able to make this transition less stressful and hassle free.