In this world of DIY, why not think about remodeling your old kitchen and giving it a face lift? A kitchen is a place where we gather as a family in the mornings and in the evenings, no matter how busy everyone maybe. Sometimes you don’t even carry your food to the dining room but eat it in the kitchen directly dished out from the pots to the plates in the order at which you arrive home. Therefore, without knowing it, the kitchen has become the family room where everyone converges and spends some time together before going their separate ways for work or school. Thus, having a nice ‘happy’ kitchen is important to give your loved ones a good morning boost before they head out and in the modern context, it is not as expensive a job as it once was. Here is how and why.

Decide what stays and what goes

Remodeling the kitchen does not mean completely getting rid of everything you own. Rather, if you do not have an issue with the layout of the functions within the kitchen, do not change them at all. Changing the plumbing and the electrical lines are the hard and expensive parts where you will be forced to hire a professional. Rather, keep those as it is and change the face of the kitchen, which is something you can do.

Pick out the materials

The material selection a kitchen is a tough one. It has to be beautiful while still being functional where it is easy to clean and preferably waterproof. For these reasons, for example a floor needs to be durable and be able to withstand water droplets from time to time. An engineered bamboo flooring will be a lot more effective in this kind of situation than a carpet floor which is impossible to clean. The counter tops too need to be of some material which can be easily cleaned out.

A stone counter top in that prospect will be more efficient than a wooden one which would with time decay due to extensive contact with water. Also, if you are planning on doing everything yourself, get yourself a set of flat pack cabinets which suit your kitchen and simply assemble and fix.

The finishes

In this case, the finishes will be the curtains and the rugs you plan on putting. The tiling color and texture, the light fitting fixture and the type of tap you put to your kitchen play a significant role in the overall outlook of the kitchen. Hope this was helpful in guiding you through the basics of kitchen remodeling.