A garden is a great feature in a house unless there’s no one to maintain it. Maintaining a garden is a large task and it may take some time to maintain. Maintaining duties include raking the leaves, unclogging the drains around, removing the weeds, trimming the bushes and watering the plants. Some of these tasks should be done frequently than others. Similarly, these tasks take time and most people don’t have much time unless you are able to hire a gardener to do the work for you. 

In case you are able to hire a gardener, make sure you keep the garden looking nice. This is because there is no point in trying to maintain a garden that no one looks at or isn’t attractive enough. It should add to niceness of the house. No matter where you are you can find quality mulch Brisbane, Brooklyn or whichever city. This allows you to enrich and insulate your soil for plant growth. Here are few other ideas you could do with the available space.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a great option if you willing to invest some money. It may be an expensive option but in most cases, it is worth it. A swimming pools needs maintenance as well but not as frequent. The pool should be chlorinated and cleaned so the water is in good condition. You and your family can enjoy the pool and unlike a garden, many people would use the pool. You can have get together with your friends and enjoy in the pool.


A garage would be a great option if you don’t have a parking space or if you have multiple cars. This enables you to park your car inside and repair it when you want. You can store somethings in your garage such as your tools and garden supplies South East Melbourne as well. The advantage a garage has over a parking space is that a garage protects the vehicle from the weather or any harm that your car can come in contact with being on the road.


If you’re feeling weak or unhealthy, why not have gym. You might have to incur some costs but you can manage with the basic equipment. When you have a gym, you can use it along with your family and stay healthy. This would be worth it because you will be always fit.

Sitting area

You can have an outdoor sitting area. This can be a relaxing place where you can sit with your family or friends. It’s not too expensive and you can easily change it. You can also have your meals sitting outside if you are able to get a table out.