If you are someone who is always stressed at work, then the below suggestions on de-stressing is exclusively for you… 

  • When you want a minute for your self; take it – work environments tend to be stressful in general; especially during the busiest parts of the month. These are the days when even the slightest inefficiency of your employees or co-workers can get on your nerve and develop into stress. Whenever you feel like things are getting a little hard for your head to handle, don’t hesitate to take a moment for yourself. Seat yourself in a quiet place a take a few deep breaths. There are many breathing techniques for this as well; which you can easily learn through a few videos. This is great way to regroup yourself and put your head “back in the game” as well.
    • Pay attention to your surrounding – you’d be surprised to know how much your surrounding actually affects your stress levels. If you have a dirty or untidy office or work desk, or if you are working in an ill lit room or a room that is too warm for you, it can affect both your stress levels as well as your creativity and your work efficiency as well. If your office uses an office cleaning crew, make sure to tell them you want your office thoroughly cleaned when you feel your stress is building.
      • Remember to feed your body and mind – working while hungry or while your mind and body is excessively tired can lead to stress. And while you can get commercial cleaning North Sydney crews to work on your surrounding, feeding your body and mind falls into your hand. Always have a few snacks like nuts, dried fruits or granola bars in your desk or where ever you work. If you miss a meal because you’re busy, keep yourself from starving through these. Learn the art of power napping as well; just 20 minutes of sleep can reduce your stress and increase your work efficiency as well.
        • Be organized and try to stay on schedule – one common thing to cause work related stress is having too much to do. People generally feel this way when their schedule is not well organized. Identify your best working hours and plan your hardest work for the day around that time. Keep the easiest work, or the work that will finish fast for the morningsthis will give you a sense of accomplishment and a more controlled feeling in regards to your work.